Our Dental office & covid-19

Did you know? Before the current pandemic:

Our dental office followed the basic principle of ‘universal precautions’

The principle of “universal precautions” assumes that each person may be carrying a bacteria or virus and that precautions must be taken to make sure that everyone is protected from each other.  In dentistry, instruments and equipment are either thrown out, cleaned with certified hospital-grade surface disinfectants or sterilized under extreme forces of pressure and temperature. This is the same reason dentists wear masks, gloves and protective eye-wear.

  • clinical areas were treated like mini operating rooms:
  • treatment rooms were cleaned after each patient with certified hospital-grade surface disinfectants
  • each room, with its own independent water source, was flushed daily before each patient and treated with anti-microbials
  • the suction system in each room was flushed and cleaned after each patient
  • our office would wipe down common surfaces in the waiting area, door handles, magazines, etc. daily
  • our office filtration system removed wastes before entering the city system (a certified contractor disposing of the filter every few months)

In fact, many current practices now followed in community settings have been routinely followed in our office before the pandemic.

Right now: our office is continuing to do the same as before but with enhancements:

  • both patients and staff must pre-screen before coming into the office
  • we are covering more office surfaces with disposable covers (those surfaces are STILL treated with hospital grade surface disinfectant afterwards)
  • we have removed all reading material from our reception area to make it easier to keep clean
  • we are wiping down common surfaces in the waiting area, door handles, several times daily
  • we are wearing enhanced protective clothing
  • we have installed hospital grade air purifiers

FAQ: Thornhill Woods Family Dentistry- How We’re Keeping You Safe!